Living with ADHD, Tourette’s, ASD and all the other things that tag along, communicating with Neurotypical’s can often end with misunderstanding and offence.

This is usually because I have no filters, I do not see the offence in things and more commonly people seem to be easily offended.

When most people communicate their brain has decided on the appropriate set of filters for the situation and the people they are talking to, these filters will filter out what is and is not appropriate then create something suitable to say.

I do not have these filters, so my words come out the way my brain intended them which I is the quickest and most logical way I can to get my point across.

Is it really a problem?

Am I lacking filters or is everyone else lacking efficient communication?

It must take longer to process your sentences through filters also you’re not saying exactly what you think, this means that most of the time the receiver of your words must decipher the true meaning.

In my world you would just say exactly what you think, the listener will understand, no offence is taken, and they respond appropriately, job done.

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