I honestly cannot believe that I am having to write this but here we go.

I am aware that some people ‘feel’ offended by the name of my website Neurologically Challenged although I shouldn’t have to explain how and where this came about I will.

I am also aware most of the people offended do not have a neurological disorder but are offended on our behalf, which I personally find offensive, it’s as if they are saying we don’t have the capacity to be offended and they need to do it for us.

Neurologically Challenged was born from a tic during an awkward moment with some strangers when one of my tic’s shouted “I am just neurologically challenged.”

I liked this term so much to describe myself I used it for my new website that was going to be about my life living with multiple neurological conditions as I am Neurologically Challenged, my brain is constantly challenging me, I love challenges and get great pleasure in overcoming them especially when they are part of my disabilities, I mean whats more challenging than navigating this world when you live with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, ASD, Complex PTSD and ME.

My friends, family and fellow Neurodivergents all loved it too.

As this is how I explain myself and to use modern day term how I identify I never thought I would have to explain the name especially to neuro typicals.

People don’t get offended when my wife says she is vertically challenged, or when one of my friends laughs and says he is horizontally challenged, maybe it’s because people don’t think they need someone to think for them.

I am Neurologically Challenged; I am not stupid, and neither are my fellow Neurodivergent’s we don’t need neurotypicals on a crusade to be offended on our behalf.

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