Among the many issues I deal with daily one of the many that drives my wife crazy and adds to my anxiety is the obsession for things to be even numbers or multiples of 5.

I will try to explain

If I walk into the living room, I immediately check that the TV volume is on an even number or a multiple of 5.
Problems occur when I watch TV in bed as the optimum volume on that TV is 3, 2 is too low and 4 is too loud but I can’t have it one 3.
At the dentist I do not know what number the volume is on and I feel anxiety creeping in as I obsess that the number is odd.

All of my gym training repetitions and sets are the same and so are any personal items I own, I never have and odd number of anything I would rather throw 1 item away than have an odd number.
I even plan my age I knew when I was 44 years old I had 3 years of having an age which was either even or multiple of 5, I am soon to be 47 and this is not a good feeling a whole year of an odd number.

This need for numbers to be this way effects any part of my life where number are involved and I have had long conversations with other people with a similar problem.

These issues with numbers are a tiny part of a whole load of other issues that come living with multiple conditions but still a significant one.



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