Without realising it I have been searching for my lost tribe most of my life.

I only realised I had been looking and that they exist when I finally found them. Even then at first glance they seemed alien to me, maybe because I had never met anyone so much like myself before.

Through my childhood and adolescence, I had many friends come and go. Eventually I ended up with a very specific group of people who accepted me, but they just didn’t fully understand me, but this was never a real problem until I matured.

Similarly, I went through this same process with support groups and the people I befriended through these groups. I found that I just didn’t fit with the many Tourette’s groups and although I made many friendships they eventually ended, often badly. Sometimes it was because they just didn’t get me and were offended by the way I communicate. Other times it was because they effected my mental health and were offensive to me. I just didn’t fit in and stood out, not in a good way.

Eventually I found and adult ADHD group, when I contacted them something seemed just right.

I was still a little cautious when I went along to the first meeting, I met two people in particular that stood out. At first, I thought these people were a little odd and out of the norm, but I quickly realised these people are like me, I remember thinking no wonder my wife struggles, also I chuckled inside seeing myself the way others must see me.

My initial thought after this first meeting was that I had found my lost tribe.

I have had many meetings since, met many people in the meetings and my feeling is the same, they are my tribe.

In this tribe I have never been judged, nobody seems to have been upset or offended by me and I have never been offended by them. There is a strong sense of understanding between us maybe because we are the same.

My tribe has expanded outside of this group and I have found tribespeople from other tribes such as the Autistic tribe and mainly from the Asperger clan of this tribe.

To find people I can talk to, be myself and feel they just get me is priceless, what better is I get them too.

So, my advice if you are not quite fitting in, maybe you’re in the wrong tribe, so get looking and don’t give up.


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