Are some schools allowing bullying to lower the number of children with additional needs?

I am aware of more and more cases where children with additional needs are being bullied, the bullying is not being dealt with appropriately, the victims are not sufficiently supported and the parents feel like they are given the brush off time and time again.

I am not saying all schools are doing this, nor am I saying that this is fact, but the stories themselves are pointing in this direction.

Many children with additional needs are having to move schools, not because the current school doesn’t meet their needs but because the current school is not adequately protecting them from bullying. It’s almost like disability cleansing.

I have seen occasions where the support of bullies takes priority over the support and protection of the victims.

My own Grandson who is Autistic attended a primary school where his fingers were broken, eardrums pierced and he had facial injuries, the school never dealt with these issue’s and were more than happy to get involved when we wanted to move him to another school. The bullies remained.

This story is not unique, and he is not alone.

Something needs to change.

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