Obsessive balancing a term I use personally but what am I referring too?

Imagine that your body was so sensitive and in tune with itself that any touch, feeling or sensation is registered in such a way that your brain compares it to the opposing side of your body.

The opposing side feels left out and demands the exact same stimulation.

Everything you were doing comes to a halt until the balance of stimulation has been reached.

Examples from personal experiences.


I banged my ankle on a table leg and immediately I had to bang my other ankle, so they felt the same.

In doing so ankle number 2 felt like it had been hit a little harder, so now had to hit the first ankle again in an attempt even it up. Unfortunately, again it did not feel exactly the same and this went on for some time until both ankles felt balanced out and my legs were bruised.

Scraping shoes

Walking down the road I scraped the left sole of my shoe on the floor, I had the uncontrollable urge to scrape the right sole.

This was not scraped exactly the same, so it resulted in me walking along constantly scraping my feet until they felt satisfied which took quite a while and was never 100% satisfied.


I have taken this obsessive behaviour is often taken to extremes involving burns, scalds and cuts.

This behaviour is just one on a long list arising from my Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, ASD, SPD, OCD and PTSD and can make life look quite bizarre and complicated to any observers.


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