Poetry always seems to come to me at the most unusual times and often links to strong emotions or extreme times with my neurological and mental health.

The brain never ceases to suprise me and this time it creates a poem in my dream with Kurt Cobain on stage reciting it to me.

Luckily i remembered it when I woke and wrote it down.

I do not suffer from deppresion but I can think back to times of great dispair, when all seemed lost, life had no future and I couldn’t see any point in my exsistence.

I was lucky to have good people around me and neurology that helped me recover in a suprisingly quite time.

This poem is not just about me, its about all the people with mental health issues I have met, the ones i have lost and my dearest Wife who lives with depression everyday.


Ode to my Demons


What have I done to deserve this pain?

Thoughts in my head I can’t explain


I can’t bear to face another day

Taking my life seems the only way


We sit and talk but no one hears

About my worries and my fears


At night my demons come to me

Whispering how they can set me free


It will only hurt you for a while

Then you can give up your fake smile


There’s got to be a better way

To get me through another day




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