Something doesn’t feel right today as I walk to school, when i pass through the gates and approach the entrance my whole body feels a bit weird.

Opening the double doors they creak loudly, the sound is very irritating and pierces my brain, the fluorescent lights hit my eyes and they immediately begin to ache, the smell of the building is more pungent than usual and I feel like I cannot breathe properly.

Walking the corridors to registration people are too close, as they brush against me, I can feel irritation building up inside and turning into anger. I finally finish my sensory assault course and arrive at my form room.

The form room is the biology lab and my form tutor is late.

Stood at my desk, boredom comes quickly, looking around I can see Bunsen burners set out on asbestos mats along the bench at the window.

Before I know it, I’m stood in front of the bench and a row of exciting objects just waiting to entertain my curious buzzing brain, someone has kindly left a box of matches next to the gas tap, suddenly I have lit a Bunsen burner.

I start my experiment by attempting to heat up an asbestos mat to see if it is fireproof, it isn’t and without thinking I turn the Bunsen burner from the mat to the wooden bench top. The top begins to turn dark brown and then black; smoke begins to plume from the burning wooden top.

There is something calming about the smell and the burning of the wood.

“Gordon, what do you think you are doing!” a voice shouts from behind me.

I turn my head and see Miss Smales standing behind me not looking very happy.

I say nothing and stand still flaming Bunsen burner in hand and smoke drifting up from the bench.

A cold feeling washes down my body, I feel very aware of my own presence and everything is blurry except Miss Smales red angry face.

“Go and stand outside, I will deal with you after registration” she says as she points to the door.

I lower the Bunsen and leave it on the charred smouldering bench, carefully turn off the gas and sheepishly walk across the room and out of the door.

Standing up straight against the wall the lights don’t seem to bad and the smell doesn’t seem too strong anymore.

I begin to tap my head against the wall, I don’t know why it feels good, but it does, the head tapping turns into head banging to increase the stimulation. I bang my head harder and harder on the wall, even though it hurts the feeling is good.

I am happy here this is where I am most comfortable and its worth getting into trouble just to be in my favourite place, the corridor.

The angry art teacher

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