Living with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and High functioning autism means there are many times I confuse or offend people.

I try to explain that I am not deliberately offensive and that this is the way I am, it is who I am.

Most people say to me “you are using your diagnosis as an excuse”

My reply “it is not an excuse it is an explanation”

I often find my tics are accepted more than my logical unfiltered black and white way of communicating with people.

Even the closest most understanding members of my family struggle not to be offended or upset and themselves have accused me of hiding behind my conditions.

I understand why they feel this way as it must be hard hearing the bare unfiltered truth whenever I am around, especially when its accompanied by tics that add a large dose of offensive words on top.

Living with hidden disabilities we often ask for understanding, but at the same time we must try to understand the impact we have on the people around us.
We should also understand that they will never experience our world the way we do, so how can we expect them to fully understand us?


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