While I am so heavily focused on my mental and neurological health I often dismiss or put aside My physical health.

In recent years this has come back to bite me.

The anxiety and stress caused by my neurological and mental health conditions have had a profound effect on my cardiac health.

Looking back the at way I dealt with my prolapsed disc was not ideal and a I treated it on the same level as a broken fingernail until it literally stopped me in my tracks.

Because there is so much infighting between my neurological and mental health disorders there is little time and headspace left to attend to physical conditions that come long so I need to make a conscious effort to pay more attention to my physical conditions.

I have always just accepted pain as something you get used to in time.

Pain from Physical tics are different altogether, a physical tic can cause pain and the pain increases the frequency of the tic, this then spirals out of control.

A couple of examples of my most frequent physical tics are eye and neck tics

Eye tics become so frequent I cannot see, and the pain becomes unbearable and my eyesight becomes blurred.

Neck tics over the years have damaged the vertebra in my neck and when frequent cause a lot of pain in my neck muscles.

Having a high pain threshold has its obvious advantages but also has its downsides too, mainly because people do not understand you level of pain or injury.

I have never liked the idea of asking people to number their pain out of ten with ten being their worst pain experienced.

What if your worst pain has been so horrific that serious pain now only comes in at 5 when for everyone else it would be a 10, or like me you have a high pain threshold and your 5 is everyone else’s 10?



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