I don’t struggle with learning a subject that I have a keen interest in and when the learning is done my way and my pace which can be extremely fast but can also cease at the drop of a hat to be restarted when I am ready which can be a long time waiting and equally frustrating.

The problems come when the tests and examinations begin, the education system is flawed and doesn’t have a system to fully evaluate what I have learned.

Throughout school and further education, I hit brick walls which gave me poor results even though I had gained more than the knowledge required.

Take maths for example, I was able to work out every mathematical equation but could not show how I worked them out. This was because it was done in my head and nothing like the way we had been taught.

So, in the exam I lost a sizeable percentage of marks simply because of this reason.

At college I was ahead of my class right up to the end of the course when we had to colour coordinate our work and this is where I fell behind, all the work was there and finished before everyone else, but I could not get my head around the colour coordination in the file.

Part of the college course was anatomy and physiology, the tutor style, the way the course was delivered, and the assessments was ideal for me.

 I scored 98% proving that there is a way to educate and assess someone like me unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence in my education.

I would love to take on a university degree, I know I could gather all the knowledge needed and more, but I feel I would struggle to get all my knowledge across in the way required.

I would hope one day there was a more fluid way of testing people as we could be losing out on potential world changing geniuses just because they won’t get a chance to prove themselves.

I believe even someone like the amazing Albert Einstein would struggle to get through a modern University education.

There could be may simple solutions that could be implemented if the education system collaborated better with people like myself to design the delivering and assessing of courses.

I am aware there have been many changes made over recent years and we are moving forward but we are not quite there yet and unfortunatley some of the changes i have seen in primary education have helped some but at the same time excluded others.

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